Unizima, Campus Biotech Digital and COGNOS International sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to create a comprehensive workforce development program in biomanufacturing.

Unizima S.A. (“Unizima”), Campus Biotech Digital initiated by the Immerscio.bio bioproduction training platform (“CBD”) and COGNOS International (“Cognos”) are joining forces to create a groundbreaking workforce development program in biomanufacturing.

The parties have developed a joint curriculum that will provide the theoretical and practical basis for successful biologics manufacturing to participants from the global pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

The joint training curriculum will consist of several Biomanufacturing training blocks: Technical Background, Upstream, Downstream and Fill-Finish, Quality and Regulatory Affairs, and Training and Management Skills. Each block has several modules with a blend of training methods, including interactive and didactical digital self-learning modules as well as presential theoretical and hands-on training modules.

Unizima is an affiliate of Univercells, a global life sciences leader with the mission of making biologics accessible to all. Unizima was created to help partners build new sites for manufacturing biologics such as vaccines, monoclonal antibodies and insulin in regions where biologics are currently not sufficiently available or affordable.

A key hurdle when setting up biomanufacturing infrastructure is a skills shortage in many emerging economies. The absence of a local, highly trained workforce means that new or upgraded facilities must rely on 'imported’ teams, which increases operating costs and is unsustainable in the long term.

This groundbreaking collaboration with Campus Biotech Digital/Immerscio and Cognos will enable Unizima to offer its partners in emerging markets training that uses the best industry and pedagogical standards, so its clients can gain specialized bioprocessing knowledge, fast and sustainably.

Hala Audi, Chief Executive Officer of Unizima commented: “At Unizima we are proud to work for biopharma manufacturers, governments and global health agencies who are making biologics production a reality in their markets. Being part of Univercells Group means we can transfer its ground-breaking technology and engineering innovations to help our partners leapfrog to next-generation biologics manufacturing. But we know it is people and their skills that will make all the difference. So, we are thrilled to join forces with CBD and Cognos International to bring together the best in education and in the industry to our partners”.

Karim Vissandjee, Chief Executive Officer of CBD, commented: “We are delighted to join forces with Unizima and Cognos International, companies sharing the same values as CBD. Setting up training modules for biomedical and pharmaceutical companies through CBD’s innovative technology is an exciting project, especially knowing it will increase local workforce capability where it is most needed. This long-term, train-the-trainer approach and ultimately creating autonomy to local populations is what is truly driving us”.

Matthias Afting, Executive Director of Cognos International: “Providing educational programs and preparing students for their professional life has been Cognos’s core business for many years. Working in partnership with CBD and Unizima is a great opportunity, and knowing the training programs will serve and help build local biomanufacturing capacity, and ultimately increase equitable access to biologics and essential medicines, is something close to our heart.”

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