Making local
Biomanufacturing and
effective healthcare
systems a reality

local Bio-
manufacturing and effective
systems a reality

Working on the ground with public and private partners we set up and operate local bioproduction facilities. By connecting these local production facilities with health expertise and infrastructure, we are able to deliver life-changing biologics to people in low-to-middle income countries.

This is a new approach to the manufacture and supply of biologics.

It replaces conventional, centralised manufacturing with a flexible model that brings facilities, services and people to where they are needed.

By integrating low-cost biologics manufacture with local health systems we enable early diagnostics and specialist treatment in complex, economically challenged environments.

How does Unizima's model work?

At Unizima we partner with our clients to offer turnkey projects that take care of every aspect of the design and set-up of biomanufacturing facilities and processes and, health systems such as early diagnostics and specialist treatment centers.  


We work with global foundations, development banks and development finance institutions to support our partners with financing options.

Manufacturing and infrastructure expertise

We draw on our global expert network as well as Univercells Group’s ground-breaking manufacturing processes, platforms and bioprocessing know-how to enable the localized, small footprint manufacture of biologics.


We have formed strategic partnerships with care institutions and diagnostics infrastructure providers to provide early detection and rapid treatment of diseases

Our work on the ground

We apply our expertise in biotechnology, healthcare systems and infrastructure to put in place the infrastructure to manufacture and distribute biologics locally where they are most needed.    

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Unizima is offering the following integrated project delivery method as part of a unique value proposition for its customers, allowing them to lean on a preferred intermediary, offering a turnkey solution.